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We are here to guide you.  Our integrative approach to the Pilates method is rooted in the original system created by Joseph Pilates as well as the contributions of his direct students, known as the Elders. Utilizing the wisdom within the Pilates lineage, we incorporate the latest information and techniques in movement science to create a fully cohesive and effective movement journey that meets you wherever you are in your present state of health and moves you toward increased strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence in your physical abilities.

Internal Fire Pilates offers Pilates private lessons (solos), Pilates duets, and small group classes online and in-person at our boutique Pilates studio in Mill Valley (Marin County), California. What truly defines us is the compassion, depth of knowledge, and versatility of our teachers, who represent the vibrant landscape of the Pilates world, from Classical to Contemporary approaches to complimentary movement systems and bodywork techniques. 

Our fully equipped Mill Valley studio features the well known Classical Apparatus–Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table (aka Cadillac) and Wunda Chair–as well as lesser-known apparatus such as the Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, Arm Chair, and Ped-o-Pull, and accessory tools like the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Neck Corrector, Magic Circle, etc. These are all important tools within the Pilates system that together create the cohesion of deeper core connection, better functional movement patterns, and greater strength, balance, and range of motion.

We invite you to ‘jump in’ to your movement adventure with Internal Fire Pilates.



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