Class Levels

Beginning Pilates Mat

Nothing is more challenging than the Pilates Mat work. Come strengthen, lengthen and align your body while learning the basic and progressed Mat exercises in this full-body workout. Develop your skills to prepare for the flow and pace of the INT and ADV level Mat work as well as the skills necessary for understanding the Reformer and accessory studio apparatus.

Intermediate Pilates Mat

Elevate your Mat skills to a higher level of detailed work and a larger repertoire of Pilates exercises. This class is often taught in the traditional order and with transitions at a moderate to quick pace. Be prepared to sweat in this deeply challenging, full-body workout experience.

Advanced Pilates Mat

For the experienced Pilates practitioner, this class incorporates flow, transitions and challenging Advanced Mat exercises in the Classical Pilates Mat repertoire. You’ll stretch, sweat and advance your Pilates Mat practice with this vigorous yet mindful full-body workout.

Beginner Pilates Reformer/Apparatus

Learn the Basics of the Reformer Repertoire while improving posture, breath and function. This class is taught at a pace that allows you to integrate new movement information while still building strength and awareness.

Intermediate Pilates Reformer/Apparatus

You will learn how to work from your deepest layer of abdominal muscles, how to initiate movement from the center, and how to transition your Reformer between exercises with flow.

Advanced Pilates Reformer/Apparatus

This class is intended for the seasoned Pilates practitioner who knows the Classical Advanced Repertoire with transitions and is ready for the fast-paced, heart-pounding experience of intensely deep, focused and super challenging work. Instructor permission is required.

Check our class schedule for a full list of classes. We are always adding new classes into the mix.

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