Mill Valley Pilates Studio Tower Welcome


Internal Fire Pilates is a supportive community of passionate movement experts and students. We provide an integrative and transformative movement experience. With a depth of knowledge rooted in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates and the work of his direct students, known as the Elders, our teachers apply the latest information in movement science and biomechanics. 

Whatever your state of health and fitness, Internal Fire Pilates teachers, well-versed in working with all varieties of body types, will safely and compassionately guide you toward your movement goals. Embrace the joy of movement, self-discovery and internal focus that the Pilates method provides.

New to Pilates or Our Studio?

Embarking on your movement adventure.

New to Pilates? We recommend taking a minimum of three in-person or virtual private lessons before participating in group classes. Check out our Intro Packages for private lessons. ADD LINK to Intro Offers Page

During your first lesson, your teacher will assess your needs and goals and create a plan to guide you toward better biomechanics and increased strength, flexibility, and balance. You will be taught how to properly recruit your deepest system of support–also known as your ‘core’–through functional movement skills that are appropriate for your current fitness level and state of health, You’ll even learn exercises that you can do at home. In this first lesson, you may even be introduced to the Pilates apparatus (the Reformer, Cadillac or Wunda Chair, for example), which provide support and feedback to help you find your center.

Your teacher will explain how to safely use and adjust the Pilates apparatus. Be prepared to move and “feel they work.” Remember that this is just the beginning of your journey. Breathe and enjoy!

After three or more private lessons, when you’re ready to jump into group classes (ask your teacher if you’re not sure), our beginning level and Community classes will be the perfect place to start. When you’re ready to participate in group classes, be sure to sign up for our class intro special of three group classes for just $100.

New to our studio yet experienced in Pilates? We still recommend taking advantage of one of our Intro offers for three private lessons. Though not required for those with prior experience, we find that new clients often appreciate one-on-one time with a teacher to become familiar with the specific Pilates apparatus in our studio, and with our approach to the Pilates system. If you know you are familiar with the Pilates principles and the “inside job” of properly recruiting your core, then feel free to dive directly into group classes at a class level that is appropriate for you; any class that doesn’t specifically list a level is a mixed level class. Be sure to sign up for our group class intro special of three group classes for just $100.

Personalized Lessons–YOU Are the Focus

We are here to help you feel stronger, and be more confident, skilled, and mobile. Your Pilates teacher will listen to your needs and goals and quickly assess your strengths, challenges, and your path toward greater ease of movement. Every day is a different day, and our seasoned teachers at Internal Fire Pilates think on their feet to adjust your lesson based on how you feel that day. 

Pilates meets you where you are–whether your goals are to strengthen and tone, improve flexibility, alleviate chronic pain, feel more confident and balanced in your daily life, or improve athletic performance. Our teachers, at our Mill Valley studio or virtually in a livestream lesson, help you safely progress in your practice toward a happier, healthier, and more easeful body.

Our studio’s integrative approach blends both Classical and Contemporary styles of Pilates, and our rigorously trained teachers thoughtfully apply the latest research in movement science and the fascial system. The work starts when you walk in the studio door, or enter our studio Zoom room, from how you are in the present moment–how you’re moving, how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally, and what you need for yourself at this particular time. We are here for you.

Small Group Classes

We maintain small Pilates group class sizes to ensure the personalized attention and safety of our students. Our in-studio group classes are limited to 4 students for most classes, with up to 5 students for a Tower class. The Pilates apparatus at Internal Fire Pilates includes Pilates Reformer, Tower/Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Mat as well as accessory props like Foam Rollers, Magic Circles, Thera-Bands, and Yoga Straps. Group classes may focus on one Pilates apparatus or include a mix, as outlined in each class description.

Our Space 

Our light, bright, and clean Mill Valley movement space features high ceilings and a small, intimate, safe, and inviting studio environment to encourage comprehensive growth of your Pilates practice. 

The expertise and caring of our teachers combined with our unique studio setting support each client to reach their greatest potential.

Internal Fire Pilates is fully equipped with traditional Gratz, Peak, and Pilates Designs apparatus, including some of the often forgotten or underutilized teaching tools and props designed by Joseph Pilates to customize instruction.

The culture of our Marin County Pilates studio is encouraging, compassionate, and invigorating, and our outstanding teachers each have a strong commitment to your personal transformation.

Teacher Tiers

2nd Generation Teachers
Internal Fire Pilates is so very fortunate to be able to share 2nd Generation Teachers with our local Marin County community. These teachers spent years studying with one or several of Joseph Pilates’ direct students, known as the Pilates Elders (Kathy Grant, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher and Carola Trier, for example).

Expert Teachers
Our next tier of teachers, our Expert Teachers, have well over a decade of full-time teaching experience and are respected as teachers of teachers. Internal Fire Pilates Expert Teachers have continued refining and perfecting their understanding of the entire landscape of the Pilates method, integrating Classical and Contemporary approaches as well as imparting Pilates’ vital and very timely history. Many of our Expert Teachers use other complementary therapeutic movement systems as well as release techniques from advanced studies of Anatomy and Biomechanics.

Certified Teachers are in their first decade of teaching and have completed a minimum of 800 hours of study and practice before becoming a Certified Teacher at Internal Fire Pilates. In fact, most of our Certified Teachers have thousands of hours of practice under their belts and have completed rigorous classical Pilates training programs, making them some of the most detailed and high quality Pillates teachers you’ll find anywhere.

Apprentice Teachers are currently in the Pilates Education Lab Teacher Training Program (PEL) and are working toward their certification. They have completed all of their training lecture modules as well as a minimum of 200 practice teaching hours before advancing to this tier. Their knowledge is well beyond most newer certified teachers from other programs because of the thoroughness of the PEL training program.

Which teacher is right for you? Call or email us if you have any questions about where to begin, and we can guide you toward a great fit for you.