Classical Pilates Teacher Training in Marin County with Pilates Education Lab

CLASSICAL PILATES TEACHER TRAINING IN MARIN COUNTY WITH PILATES EDUCATION LAB HOSTS with Mat Module Level 1 – Oct. 2-4, 2015 Immersion Module 1 – Oct. 9-11, 2015 for full details about the program Pilates Education Lab prides itself in offering 108 hours lecture time during the year of training, which can be repeated […]

A rare chance to study with two Pilates masters! July 17-19

Classical Pilates masters Siri Dharma Galliano and Vil Shaynurov coming to Mill Valley in Marin County – July 17, 18, and 19, 2015 Don’t miss these renowned teachers!! Enroll now Only two weeks away! Fri-Sun, July 17, 18, 19 Check out the schedule of events below and be sure to sign up ASAP to reserve your […]

Pilates Origins Conference begins in just a couple of hours.

Happy May Day everyone!  Welcome to our new blog.  Stay tuned in for the latest studio updates, monthly newsletters, and specials.  We are excited about our first blog entry and thought it would be appropriate to start on the same day as the start of the first ever Bay Area Classical Pilates Conference, Pilates Origins.  […]